I was just wondering something that is a part of daily life. Why we make such a great friends at school while we don’t end up making any at workplace?

At school we normally spend few years with our classmates . We make new friends, some of them are so close that we take them long way throughout our life. We love them, we can do anything for them.
But if we see, normally this time spans just a few years of closeness.

Sometimes we spend decades working on same place. But we end up making no friends. We spend good time of our daily routine, approx. 1/3rd of our day at work as opposed to 6 hours at school.  We eat with them, we do fun with them, share good and bad times.

Still we end up with no close associations.

REASON in My Opinion:
Perhaps this has to do with the phase of life you are going through.  When one is a child, his mind and heart are fresh.  The feelings are pure and strong.  Even small things make one happy.

Then what happens as we grow up?  We start losing ourself?  Perhaps we see the ups and downs of life, we see people cheating each other… we see some people whom we loved cheating us or betraying us.  This process converts our child into an adult.  So getting old means losing your good emotions, feelings and your purity into someone more rigid, more cold person ?



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